Yahoo Finance: Aidan Sowa’s Sowa Marketing Agency Helps Clients Become Industry-Leading Authorities

Aidan Sowa, an up-and-coming New York marketing guru, is creating industry-leading authorities during the coronavirus pandemic. The founder of Sowa Marketing Agency, Sowa has pioneered the future as a creative agency – with global skills across web development, marketing, branding & website design.

Relying on a team of marketing professionals, Sowa Marketing Agency excels beyond the basics of digital marketing to help clients secure local dominance in the media. Earning a prestigious reputation for producing rocket-fueled marketing masterpieces daily, Sowa Marketing Agency works selectively with a limited clientele to ensure the highest quality services. However, the agency is now opening its doors to help more New York-based clients create industry-leading authorities and long-lasting client relationships.

A full-service agency, Sowa Marketing Agency takes entrepreneurs and brands to the next level through a proven three-phase process. First, Sowa Marketing Agency gets clients established authorities, or features on media sites like ABC, NBC, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Forbes, to build credibility. Second, Sowa Marketing Agency establishes exposure by leveraging newfound online fame to open doors to leaders in the industry, such as by getting on

podcasts, scaling ads, website design or increasing social media growth with Instagram giveaways. Lastly, Sowa Marketing Agency establishes local domination using a customized growth package that further engages a client’s target audience, such as by producing an online course or scaling current business operations to 7-8 figures of profitability.

A leader in digital marketing and strategy, Sowa Marketing Agency recently featured Christa Centolella and John Houston, a real estate agent in Coachella Valley, in the media on sites including as Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and Marketwatch, plus over 350 other high-authority media sites.

“I am very pleased with the results of this article,” remarked Houston. “Just this morning, I was walking my dog, and one of my neighbors said she had read it on Newsbreak.”

To learn more about Sowa Marketing Agency, please visit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Alignable and Yelp.

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I specialize in helping entrepreneurs get featured in the media.

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