London Daily Post: How Sowa Marketing Agency Utilizes LinkedIn Automation To Establish Exposure

Sowa Marketing Agency is a creative agency Rhode Island run by Aidan Sowa which creates websites, leverages podcasts, gets clients featured into major media sites and utilizes LinkedIn to scale businesses.

Relying on a team of professionals, Sowa Marketing Agency gets their clients featured in the media such as Fox, ABC, NBC and Yahoo Finance. From there, they utilize this new-found fame to scale their client’s businesses with LinkedIn.

First, they put a banner of all the media sites which they have been featured on in the background of their LinkedIn profile and put their links in their “about” section. Next, they build out custom connecting messaging according to the client’s target audience. Sowa Marketing Agency has done a lot of testing with LinkedIn messaging. As a result, they know what messaging will get the most responses.

Aidan Sowa said, “We know exactly what connection and follow-up messages to automate. Many people try to do this manually and they end up wasting their time. On top of this, LinkedIn will flag them for sending out messages in an erratic fashion. When we do it, we ramp it up so that there is time between every message. The client just needs to wait until the messages and calls start coming through.”

The clients which Sowa Marketing Agency works with are already featured in major media sites, so they get a high response rate.

Aidan Sowa ended the interview by saying, “A lot of business owners try to do everything themselves and they really limit themselves. In the modern age, it is possible to use our proprietary software to automate everything and we know exactly how to make it possible.”

To learn more about Sowa Marketing Agency, check out their website here.

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