USC.Edu: Sowa Marketing Agency Utilizes Podcasts To Create Local Authorities

Sowa Marketing Agency is a creative agency based out of Rhode Island. Aidan Sowa, the founder of Sowa Marketing Agency, founded the company after working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge.
Aidan Sowa has been utilizing podcasts to help establish their clients as the local authority. Recently, Sowa Marketing Agency featured David Morgan in Decrypt Daily titled “Oct 20: Is Bitcoin a Rival to Gold & Silver? W/ David Morgan.” In this podcast, David discusses his vast knowledge of metals, a possible economic collapse, and if Bitcoin could be considered a rival to gold & silver. The team of Sowa Marketing Agency also helped David get on a number of other podcasts such as getting him featured on Thrive Loud.
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Aidan said, “We help our clients get in front of their ideal target audience and get evergreen content which ranks on Google. Many people underestimate podcasts as they don’t understand that they are essentially a virtual seminar. If you do it right, you can get blogs, high authority links and evergreen content which you can share on your social media.”
Sowa Marketing Agency primarily works with clients who have an established authority in the media and/or have an extensive Twitter following as podcasts want to feature people with credibility. Sowa Marketing Agency plans to continue featuring entrepreneurs in the media as a long-term personal branding campaign.
Aidan Sowa ended the interview by saying, “Everything we do is connected. Podcasts are great for helping rank on Google and really work well with our SEO campaigns.”
To learn more about Sowa Marketing Agency, check out their website here.
Media Contact
Company Name: Sowa Marketing Agency
Contact Person: Aidan Sowa
Phone: 401-219-4207
Country: United States

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