Aidan Sowa shares the importance of creating massive influence (2News)

Growing up in the age of online media sites and in a completely digital world,  Aidan Sowa always found it very easy to communicate ideas and use media outlets to establish authorities. This motivated him to have his marketing business early when he was just 18.

Aidan started Sowa Marketing Agency, a futuristic technology company as the sole owner. He wanted to transform the name Sowa Marketing Agency into a sustainable business, even though many doubted their efforts.

Today, Aidan is owner of Sowa Marketing Agency., a company that has major connections with top TV outlets, podcasts and publications. He likes to think of this media as digital media real estate. 

“My motivation is to create industry leading authorities” Aidan shares. “I am now focused on fulfilling my purpose of becoming a owner of a billion dollar company with massive global influence.”

Aidan care about creating the best quality customer services that he is capable of. For him, competition does not exist. Instead, what he cares about is what he has seen as a major barrier to entry in the digital marketing space, the fact that the average business has no idea how to capitalize their services on top media outlets.

Sowa Marketing Agency is also known for their very unique marketing strategy in which they leverage these media outlets through unique posts which drive business. They leverage it throughout their client’s social media and website.  

“To make an impact in the world you have to be seen as an authority, and that is exactly what we do with our content.” Aidan says.

For Aidan, branding is the most important thing in the world. He also believes that a personal brand is the most influential and underestimated technique in business.

“You are able to create relationships with thousands and thousands of people and then refer them over to your business, which replicates the best marketing imaginable… Word of mouth. With companies like Amazon, you will be forced into the commodity market if you do not establish a brand,” Aidan stresses.

Sowa Marketing Agency has a very unique selling process that is based completely on email marketing and referrals. Aidan has been able to do this because of the amazing service that they provide to their clients. He focuses on building a personal relationship with the clients, which ultimately is what closes deals.

Moreover, Aidan wants those who are looking to have their own business to understand that business is not something which happens in a day. “As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We focus on adding bricks to your online prescence. With time, you will have a digital empire.”

In addition, to successfully launch a business having the right mindset, good customer service, an unbelievable work ethic, and immense motivation is necessary. This has been the key to success for Aidan.

Having started at just 18, Aidan can now look ahead and know that he can achieve any goal he sets his mind to.

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