How young marketing agency boss Aidan Sowa gains authority and thought leadership for his clients (Manchester Evening News)

Consistency, hard work, and determination at the root of Aidan’s achievements

Aidan Sowa
Aidan Sowa

Every journey starts with a single step. While it’s the hardest, you will never know what follows unless you take it.

A lot goes into a successful journey. There are risks involved, sacrifices, opportunities and challenges.

How you react to each of them determines your fate.

Setting up Sowa Marketing Agency at just 19, many people doubted Aidan Sowa’s abilities.

To add to that, he was struggling financially.

But Aidan didn’t give up. He believed in himself, and soon, brands started to see him for his abilities, not his age.

Aidan is a firm believer that nothing is impossible as long as you are focused and dedicated.

Starting out, he was well aware the journey wasn’t going to be smooth, but it was a challenge he was willing to take on.

He recalls spending countless hours calling prospects, many of which fell through.

Getting his first client, Aidan’s guaranteed results and effective marketing strategies served as his pitch.

It didn’t take long for word to spread. Sowa Marketing Agency is now a top agency helping brands become authorities, and Aidan has helped his clients appear in leading online publications and local and international TV programmes and podcasts.

Establishing and building on your online presence is now essential to reach the top. Building on his brand, Aidan used almost similar strategies to his clients, and his agency is now an industry leader. He has been featured in Forbes, and appeared on the Megan Pormer Show.

“Obstacles are part of life,” says Aidan.

“But you shouldn’t let them halt your journey.

“Every problem has a solution, and as long as you have the will, no goal is unattainable.”

Rather than giving up on his agency and idea, Aidan proved himself through his skills and abilities.

Success might take time, said Aidan, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

Consistency, hard work, and determination are essential for success, and without them, attaining your dreams might seem impossible.

Determined to scale up the ladder further in the years to come, Aidan is looking to grow his business to seven figure revenues, and help more clients become authorities in the industry.

Visit Sowa Marketing Agency at and find Aidan on Instagram

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