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The marketplace has undoubtedly become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. More and more consumers are exploring and purchasing products online. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more important every day.

Many small businesses are employing digital marketing strategies to successfully reach and engage their target consumers online, which have proven to be the most cost-effective way to get potential customers. Sowa Marketing Agency is helping entrepreneurs become authorities through digital marketing.

Sowa Marketing Agency is a Rhode Island-based company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs get featured in top news outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and even top TV outlets. It has helped clients leverage their press with their social media, ads, and email marketing strategies. The agency was founded by Aidan Sowa and has worked with publicly traded companies and over seven figures in revenue.

The upcoming New York marketing expert is a former MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge employee. He shares how he learned about the digital world from the organization. He studied all of the tech trends at the time, such as IoT, Blockchain and artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. After reading about many different marketing firms, Aidan realized there were not many companies dedicated to turning companies into authorities in their industries. Therefore, he launched Sowa Marketing Agency to focus on this PR focused strategy, establish their prospects’ brand and subsequently target their ultimate target audience with lead generation strategies.

Aidan has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and aspired to start a lemonade business at a young age. However, he struggled to come up with an idea for a business. “When I attended my Taekwondo classes, I would look at the business and think just how cool it is to have a business. Fortunately, I got the idea of starting a marketing business to assist some of my local businesses,” he stated.

He was initially focused on the lead generation side with Facebook ads and Messenger but soon observed that the problem wasn’t generating leads for clients but closing them. He learned about public relations and building connections with journalists. He started with press releases, but within a year, he had linked to contributors at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Vogue, and many influential news outlets. Over the years, he built a team and connected to top TV outlets and print media. Thus helping their clients in getting the press they deserve. 

Nonetheless, they overcome this by setting clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and changing their attitude to a positive outlook.

Aidan believes that business can be tricky, but it is much easier to succeed when you have a solid online reputation. He mentions that getting featured in magazines and on benches isn’t enough to dominate the market today. The up-and-coming marketing expert plans to have a team of hundreds of employees at Sowa Marketing Agency and hopes the company will achieve multiple eight figures in the next few years.


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