The 23 Year Old Owner of Sowa Marketing Agency.

Learn the Aidan Sowa story (and how he’s building his business empire).

Who is Aidan Sowa?

Aidan Sowa is an entrepreneur who got into the digital marketing space in 2016 due to working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge.

Aidan is now the founder and CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency. Sowa Marketing Agency is a Rhode Island company that specializes in helping startups get appointments, guaranteed.

Aidan believes all startups should focus on building their brand as they either have the choice to differentiate themselves from their competition or die as a commodity.

Aidan began his first business venture during sophomore year, in college, several years after working at the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge.

Aidan followed the route of a lot of entrepreneurs and helped real estate agents get leads through Facebook and Instagram ads. However, he found that many real estate agents were having difficulty in converting these leads. As a result, Aidan began learning about public relations as a way of solving this problem.

Within 6 months, Aidan relaunched Sowa Marketing Agency as a full-service agency in 2020 which helps entrepreneurs brand themselves as an authority by getting themselves featured in major media outlets and get in front of their ideal target audience.

Sowa Marketing Agency took the next step in their evolution and began doing Instagram giveaways and helping their clients get featured in industry specific podcasts. This additional credibility helped their clients shine and their customers were eager to work with them.

In 2021, Aidan increases their branding abilities to help their clients get featured on national TV, local TV and podcasts.

Featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, and NBC before the age of 21, Aidan Sowa is the archetypal entrepreneur of the digital age.

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